Our hair needs a lot of moisture therefore avoid drying products such as hair spray, mousse, holding gels etc. Perfect moisturizers are leave in Conditioners and cream moisturizers.



As our hair is extremely fragile it requires gently treatments to avoid unnecessary breakage and hair loss. Always use a wide tooth comb or pick when coming the hair. Only comb the hair in a wet or damp state.

Combs/Pressing: A good tip for hot pressing children's hair is to add oils to damp hair after the hair is shampooed and towel squeezed. If you are not used to-or skilled at handling a hot comb, please have a professional do so.

You can braid your child's hair as often as you like to keep it manageable. When a child is young, many women braid their child's hair to keep it together, and it often grows fast after it has been braided for long periods of time. If you choose to braid it, make sure to condition the scalp with light grease at least twice a week. Tie your child's hair up at night with a silk cap or let him or her sleep on a satin pillow. Cotton seems to dry the hair out, and may even cause breakage over long periods of time.
Avoid heavy extensions on your Childs hair. Use medium to large sized parts!

Tell us how you care for your Child's hair email to info@nappycurls.com. We will publish your story.


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