Mrs. Mosely your Salon 804 in Harlem has great customers and reputation. What made you to decide to change into the hair business after a successful modelling and acting career?
Hair is my first love and my passion is to make people feel and look beautiful.

Black girls can have oily hair, just like white girls can have dry hair. Hair is hair, it's not the color of the person. I'm not intimidated by either.

Would you say their should come a point where we should stop and thing about natural hair as an alternative for chemicals for the sake of our children?
Not really. You can teach a child about beauty with out actually wearing it, just because something is beautiful doesn't mean I want to wear it. I just don't condemn it, to each his own. We should teach our kids to be open minded and to find the beauty in what you have. Teach them to be a leader not a follower.

What advice would you give to a new natural?
Don't be afraid to trim your hair when needed and own the style. No need cut your hair off and hold your head down, it's just hair, it will grow back. 9 times out of 10 when it grows back all natural I will love it even more than anything else! ha!
We appreciate successful black women like you who share their wisdom and experience with us. We are looking forward to more of your projects in the future.
Thanks for the interview!

Rochelle Jasper Mosley

Celebrity Hairstylist Rochelle Mosley is owner of Salon 804 in Harlem. The Dudley Corporation, Affirm, and Mizani all of which secured Salon 804's spot as one of the most sought-after shops in Harlem. Salon 804's clientele includes tennis star Serena Williams, and televion show Judges Karen and Hatchett, Songstress Roberta Flack, celebrity wife Malaack Compton-Rock (wife of comedian Chris Rock) and many more.

Today she talks about hair and her book "How to Do Your Hair at Home".

It's an attitude change. The most powerful thing you can do in the world is change the way a person thinks. It seems as though black women are not buying into the stereotype that straight is the only thing beautiful. Black women are standing on their own and really feeling that nappy can be happy! Yep, I said nappy, ...own it, it's beautiful!
Many natural we talk to started their natural hair journey when they got pregnant, wanting to help their children to love & be proud of their hair texture. How was it with you when you were pregnant?

Well I wear my hair short and I have for years. I wear my hair natural because I have color and I like to work out and still look cute, and I don't want to be afraid to sweat.

Can you tell us more about your book?

Now to questions for natural. What is the secret to long & healthy natural hair?
Make sure you trim when need,most natural people don't comb there hair everyday,why not?

Natural or relaxed YOU will benefit from Rochelle's book!