The answer to this question is very simple.
Good Hair is Hair that is healthy, manageable, and loveable.
Healthy hair may not be what you see on TV or in magazines. Healthy hair is hair that grows from a healthy scalp to its full potential length and fullness.

Our website will equip and empower you to succeed in having the kind of hair that you have dreamed of having, and thought you never could.

Why be part of Nappycurls?

  • You want healthy, beautiful natural hair
  • You want natural hair care products
  • You want the world to see and love your natural side and we will publish your story, feel free to send pictures.



Why is it important to talk about black women hair?

Black women seemed to have more pressure form their careers and jobs to look a certain way while still having a personal need to please their mates with their hairstyle choice. Many black women feel that they would have less style maintenance, and look more professional, with a short blow-dry and curl-style, but did not think that their mates would be pleased.

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