Should you decide to leave your permed hair grow at the end of the natural hair, you will notice that after about an inch growth your transitioning will become visible. Straw Set will protects the hair by minimizing strain on the place where the hair is most vulnerable because you can just finger comb your hair. It might take a little while when you first try this. But, as you get practice, this style doesn't take that long to do.

Please read our styling tips to find out more about Straw Set.

Moisture Tips!

  1. Hydrate the hair by spraying it with a little water just before bedtime or prior to combing
  2. Do a hair treatment every week (deep conditioning your hair)
  3. Use products made from natural ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, sunflower oil
  4. Avoid chemicals and heat

Many wonder if they can make their relaxed hair revert back to natural hair. Unfortunately there is nothing that will make chemically treated hair go back to its natural state.

There are only two options left to go natural, you can allow the permed hair to grow at the end of the natural hair that is coming in or you can cut the permed hair off. Should you go for the first option prepare to experience some breakage when growing out a perm. You can minimize the breakage by having a regular trim (every 3 Month), treating the hair gently and avoiding unnecessary combing.


How to make Transitioning easy?

The easiest way is to cut off the permed hair and style your hair in a natural hair style such as Braids, Cornrows, Straw Set, Twists Out, Flat Twists, Two Strand Twists and Comb Twists.
Caution: Hair that is left twisted for too long can begin to lock. Unless you want Locks, take it down every once in a while (6-8 Weeks).